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  • Demonstration Research and Meta–Analysis

  • Replication and Meta–Analysis

  • Methods in Experimental Parapsychology

  • Experimental Evidence Suggestive of Anomalous Consciousness Interactions

  • Psychokinesis

  • Laying On of Hands

  • Dream ESP

  • Out–of–Body Experiences

  • Dowsing

  • Experimenter Effects

  • “Brain” Studies and Parapsychology

  • Distant Mental Influence on Living Targets (DMILs)

  • ESP and Altered States of Consciousness

  • LSD and ESP

  • Psychophysiology of Out–of–Body Experiences

  • Psychopathology and Psychic Phenomena

  • “Global Mind” Psi Studies

  • Near–Death Experiences and Survival of Death

  • Reincarnation Cases with Birthmarks and Birth Defects

  • Poltergeists

  • Eleonore Zugun’s Poltergeist Case

  • Haunting Investigation

  • Parapsychology in Introductory Psychology Textbooks

  • Controversy and Parapsychology

  • Critique of Critics of Parapsychology

  • Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology

  • Psychical Research and Philosophy

  • Parapsychology in Brazil

  • Parapsychology in Austria

  • Historical Perspectives in Parapsychology



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