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Michael Grosso Dr. Grosso, although nominally retired, is currently teaching at the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing Education. He received his PhD from Columbia University in philosophy with an MA in classical Greek, and has taught philosophy at Marymount College, John F. Kennedy University, City University of New York, and New Jersey City University. His main current interests focus on developing a theory of mind adequate to the available empirical data and developing methods of 21st-century philosophical practice. These interests come together in his on-going attempt to develop a new philosophical therapy that is based on a radically-expanded understanding of human mental capacities. He is currently a director of the American Philosophical Practitioner’s Association and Review Editor of the Journal of Philosophical Practice. His recent books include The Millennium Myth; Experiencing the Next World Now; and The Misunderstood Savior: Epicurus and Philosophical Practice (forthcoming).

Other Sources of Biographical Information on Grosso

  • “Who is Michael Grosso?” from the Grosso’s website, Mondo Grosso.



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