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The Archive of Robert R. Coly Prize Essays

The New Challenge of Psi: The Reinvigoration and Contemporary Conceptualization of Parapsychology by Emma Stone, the 2009 Coly Prize Winner.

The Challenge of Parapsychology: What Difficulties and What Solutions? by Thomas Rabeyron, the 2008 Coly Prize Winner.

Parapsychology: For What It’s Worth by Christian Gaden Jensen, the 2007 Coly Prize Winner.

The Challenge of Parapsychology: One Down But More To Go by Hannah Jenkins, the 2006 Coly Prize Winner.

The Paradox of Parapsychology: Examining Current Challenges in the Field of Inquiry into the Paranormal by Peter Ramakers, the 2005 Coly Prize Winner.

“We Must Go Home”: Some Thoughts About the Science of Hope by Sergio Schilling, the 2004 Coly Prize Winner.



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