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The History of the Garrett Library Fellowship Program

In 2006, the Parapsychology Foundation inaugurated the Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship. Developed to allow serious students or teaching, research and other professionals to take advantage of the unique collection assembled at the Eileen J. Garrett Library in Greenport, New York, the Fellowship offers the successful applicant a one-week on-site all-expenses-paid residency at the Library.

Housed in a welcoming facility in a charming oceanside village on the North Fork of Long Island, the holdings of the Library include 12,000 titles, over 100 journals, and over 500 audio/video tapes on topics related to the scientific study of psychic phenomena.

More specifically, the Library includes: the main international journals in parapsychology, both past and present, in complete runs; the best books and monographs in the field, past and present; the best general works on the topic including popular journals and magazines; Masters and PhD dissertations; strong holdings on such related areas as dreams, altered states of consciousness, shamanism, and religious practices, among others; complete sets of the Parapsychological Associationís Proceedings of Presented Papers and Research in Parapsychology, Advances in Parapsychological Research, the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, the Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research as well as the proceedings of all the Parapsychology Foundation’s international conferences; the Foundationís monograph and pamphlet series and the titles of Helix Press; a good collection of non-English language journals and books primarily in Italian, French, Spanish and German; biographies and autobiographies of researchers, psychics and mediums; works on the history, sociology, psychology and anthropology of the paranormal; an electronic catalog and a variety of print finding aides which will allow the successful applicant to search the collections by author, title and subject; a vertical file of reprints and magazine articles going back to the 1950s; an audio-visual listening and viewing room; and an archive, among other resources.

To enhance the Fellow’s experience at the Library, Parapsychology Foundation staff members are in residence throughout the Fellow’s stay.

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