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The Charles T. and Judith A. Tart Student Incentive Award
In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Parapsychology Foundation in 2001, the PF proudly announced the creation of the Charles T. and Judith A. Tart Student Incentive Award for Parapsychological Research. This annual award of $500, made possible through the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Tart, is earmarked for a student who demonstrates a strong commitment to work within parapsychology. Esteemed parapsychologist, Professor Charles T. Tart, received his first grant in parapsychology from the PF while he was still an undergraduate student at MIT. The first award was given in 2002. The Foundation will accept applications from undergraduate and graduate or post-graduate students with a specific research proposal. To obtain an application send an email to or go to the Foundation's on-line store,, and click on "Info Paks". The Scholarship Info Pack contains information and applications for all the Foundation's grants and awards. The deadline for submission is October 15th. The winner will be notified around November 1st.

The 2003 recipient of the Tart Incentive Award is Bryan Williams. For more information on Mr. Williams and his project click here.

The 2002 recipient of the Tart Incentive Award is Devin Terhune, an undergraduate student majoring in psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Terhune attended the 2001 Summer Study Program at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina, and in 2002 was the recipient of the Robert H. Ashby Award given by the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research for an essay he wrote on mediumship. Mr. Terhune will use his Tart Award money to help support two investigations, one of a recurrent apparition and the other of an ostensibly precognitive crisis apparition. The purpose of his investigations will be to apply the well-supported naturalistic explanatory models to the cases -- namely temporal lobe lability/dysfunction and the impact of geomagnet fields -- and if these fail to account fully for the phenomena reported, then to investigate the applicability of psi-based models.



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