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Table of Contents of Camille Flammarion’s
L’Inconnu: The Unknown

(New York: Harper and Brothers, 1900)


I. On Incredulity

II. On Credulity

III. Of Telepathic Communications Made by the Dying, and of Apparitions

IV. Admission of Facts

V. Hallucinations, Properly So Called

VI. The Psychic Action of One Mind Upon Another. — Transmission of Thought. — Mental Suggestion. — Communication from a Distance Between Human Beings

VII. The World of Dreams. — Infinite Variety of Dreams. — Cerebral Physiology. — Psychic Dreams: Manifestations of the Dying Experienced During Sleep. — Telepathy in Dreams

VIII. Distant Sight in Dreams. — Actual Facts

IX. Premonitory Dreams and Divination of the Future




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