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Flammarion’s Later Books about Psychic Phenomena

Eusapia PalladinoAfter the publication of the work summarized in this essay, Flammarion published a book including autobiographical information, séance reports with Italian medium Eusapia Palladino , and discussions of the work of other researchers such as Agénor de Gasparin and William Crookes (Flammarion, 1907).

In a chapter of this work Flammarion discussed the work covered in L’Inconnu, and made the point that he had many topics he had not included in the book, as well as additional letters he had received.

Flammarion used some of this material in later books. A particularly well-known one was his classic trilogy La Mort et son mystère (1920–1922, Death and Its Mystery), volumes that presented further cases of apparitions and other phenomena taking place before, during, and after the death of the person represented by the experience. This trilogy was used by Flammarion, and by many writers, to support the concept of a spiritual nature of human beings and its survival of bodily death.

In a later book Flammarion (1923) discussed hauntings and poltergeists. This included fascinating European cases such as the one at Calvados Castle.

Finally, Flammarion left an unpublished manuscript discussing a variety of apparitional manifestations of the living and of the dead when he died in 1925. This work was published recently (Flammarion, 2005).


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