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Letter of Advice to Beginning Students of Parapsychology

There are two ways to study parapsychology in an academic setting: 1) obtain an advanced degree in a related area, and once established in that field, study parapsychology “on the side”; or 2) study parapsychology at a university with a formal program or a record of encouraging students to do independent research.

In the U.S.A., Saybrook Institute (, and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in California ( offer advanced degrees in psychology that can include parapsychology. In the U.K., the psychology faculties of University College Northampton (, University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield (, Goldsmiths College in London (, Liverpool Hope and Liverpool John Moores Universities, Coventry University and the University of Edinburgh ( offer both undergraduate modules in parapsychology and doctoral degrees that can include parapsychological research. (To find parapsychology in the universities listed above put either “parapsychology” or “anomalous” in the university’s search engine.)

For a recent blog on the history and availability of online courses and programs in parapsychology, click here.

Other PF resources for the serious student include: the pamphlets Getting Started in Parapsychology, Introduction to Parapsychology, Education and Parapsychology, and Brief Manual for Work in Parapsychology; the 2-video set, So You Want to Be a Parapsychologist? and the Foundation’s video courses. Introductory material is also available on in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. A quick way to find all of these and more is to go to and put “education” in the Search box on the home page. For even more information surf this site or check out the “Psi Info” section on the main PF website,

Finally, don’t forget The Student Affiliate Program that gives students the opportunity to obtain their own free memberships in the Psychic Explorers Club by signing up three of their friends at a discounted price. Benefits include two free PF pamphlets, a members-only chat room, free reprints, and a 10% discount on any PF product or event. Details are available on this site and on the main PF site.



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