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Bibliographic Resources for Students and Teachers in Parapsychology

Nothing could be more important than knowing which are the best books and articles in your chosen field. This is true for serious students of the paranormal and for teachers who are either incorporating parapsychology into their existing curriculum or designing new courses. Below you will find some resources for designing a reading list that fits your needs.

PF Bibliographies
Click here to go to the Bibliographies section of the main Parapsychology Foundation website where you will find a catalog of the reading lists available from the Foundation, that you can download as Adobe Acrobat files, either one at a time or as a group. All reading lists contain call numbers and locations for the Eileen J. Garrett Library but books and articles should also be available in good university or municipal libraries. If not, reprints are always available from the EJG Library at 15 cents per page by sending your request to

PF Bilbiographies Info Pack
Click here to go to the Foundation’s on-line store,, where you can purchase a printed version of the complete set of PF Reading Lists for $3.00 (the price includes shipping and handling).

PF On-Line Bibliographies
For more information on bibliography, on-line abstracts, on-line articles and article archives, click here to go the “Articles and Abstracts” page of the “Psi Info” section of the main PF website. Or click here to go to the “Links and Readings Index” page of the Lyceum Library.

Getting Started in Parapsychology
For a comprehensive guide to the parapsychology literature for students and teachers, the PF pamphlet, Getting Started in Parapsychology by Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado is a must have. It not only includes a guide to the printed literature but a guide to on-line resources as well. Getting Started also includes a list of organizations, journals, periodicals, societies and research centers with their contact information. (Individuals who are planning on joining the Psychic Explorers Club should know that a complimentary copy of Getting Started in Parapsychology comes with your membership.)



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