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Associate professor of psychology. B. May 26, 1897, Sheffield, England. B.S. (psychology, physiology), 1919, University of Manchester; M.A. (psychology), 1923, University of Toronto; Ph.D. (psychology), 1934, University of Montreal.

Lecturer, psychology, University of Toronto, 1921-24; psychologist, Montreal Research Divison, Candadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene, 1924-30; psychologist, McGill University Nursing School, 1925-30; assistant professor, abnormal psychology, McGill University, 1929-36; senior psychologist, City of Leicester Education Committee, England, 1936-42; clinical psychologist, Mental Hygiene Institute, Montreal, 1942-43l acting director, Division of Psychological Servcies, Iowa Board of Control of State Institutions, 1943-45; psychologist, New Jersey State of Board of Children's Guardians, 1945-46; associate professor of psychology, Dude University, Durham, North Carolina, 1946 to present. Fellow: British Psychological Assn., American Psychological Assn., Gerontological Ass.; member: Sigma XI, International Council of Women Psychologists, North Carolina Mental Hygiene Society, North Carolina Pschological Assn., Southeastern Psychological Assn., International Council on Social Disorders; charter associate, Parapsychological Assn.

As a member (1920-21) of the Cambridge Branch of the Society for Psychical Research, Dr. Banham worked with Whately Carington (q.v.) in ESP studies; in 1944, as a member of the American Society for Psychical Research, she was a subject for ESP investigations conducted by Mrs. Laura Dale (q.v), and in 1953 again acted as a subject in research on the effect of distance of ESP in investigations conducted by Dr. Karlis Osis (q.v.). Dr. Banham is author of the book Social and Emotional Development of the Pre-School Child (1931), and of the numerous articles on psychology and child development which have appeared in such journals as Mental Hygiene, Pedagogical Seminary, Journal of Genetic Psychology, L'Union Médicale du Canada and British Journal of Educational Psychology. Residence: Faculty Apartments, Durham, North Carolina; business address: Box 6877, College Station, Durham.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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