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Professor of philosophy; writer; president, Society for Psychical Research, London, 1935-36, 1957-60. B. December 30, 1887, London, England. M. A., 1913, Litt. D., 1920, Cambridge University; Hon. LL.D., Aberdeen, Bristol and Dublin universities; Hon. Ph.D., Uppsala University, Sweden. Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge, 1911-17; assistant professor of logic, Unversity of St. Andrews, 1911-14; lecturer on logic, University College, Dundee, 1914-20; professor of philosophy, University of Bristol, 1920-23; fellow and lecturer in moral science, Trinity College, Cambridge, Siddwick Lecturer, Cambridge University, 1923-33; Knightbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy, Cambridge University, 1933-53; Fliint Professor of Philosophy, University of California at Los Angeles, 1954. Fellow: British Academy, Royal Swedish Academy of Science, American Academy of Science; president, Aristotelian Society, 1927-28, 1954-55.

Dr. Broad is author of several books on philosophical and related subjects, including Perception, Physics and Reality (1914); Scientic Thought (1923); Mind and Its Place in Nature (1925); Five Types of Ethical Theory (1930); Ethics and the History of Philosophy (1952). He joined the Society for Psychical Research in 1920, became a member of the SPR Council in 1930, and served twice as SPR president. As he reports in his autobiography, included in the volume The Philosophy of C. D. Broad (1960), he has "tried to apply philosophical analysis and criticsm to some of the notions curren in psychical research."

A researcher as well as a theorist in the field of parapsychology, Dr. Broad confesses that he has never had a communication through a medium that he could not credit to telepathci awareness, nor has he witnessed "any obstensibly supernormal physical phenomena under satisfactory conditions." Nevertheless he has welcomed parapsychology exploration as an opportunity to perhaps some day disprove 'the orthodox scientific account of man as an undesigned calculating machine," and has express "astonishment at the contented ignorance and indiffernece of most contemporary Western philosophers in a matter which should deeply concern anyone who presumes to express reasoned opinions on the nature and status of man..."

Dr. Broad's books concerned with parapsychology are Religion, Philosophy and Psychical Research (collected essays; 1953), and Lectures in Psychical Research (1962). His articles and lectures on parapsychology include "The Experimental Establishment of Precognitive Telepathy" (Philosophy, 1944); "Phantasms of the Living and of the Dead" (SPR Proceedings, Vol. 50, May 1953); Phenomenology of Mrs. Leonard's Mediumship" (delivered before the American Society for Psychical Research, June, 1954); "Human Personality and the Possibility of Its Survival" (1955); "A Half Century of Psychical Research" (Journal of Parapsychology, Vol 20, Dec. 1956); "Personal Identity and Survival" (Myers Memorial Lecture before SPR, 1958); "Dreaming and Some of Its Implications" (SPR Proceedings, Vol. 52, Feb. 1959). Residence: Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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