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Professor of philosophy. B. June 5, 1909, Trivellore, India. B.A. (hons.), 1931, M.A. 1932, Ph.D 1953: Madras University. M. 1945 Mythili Lakshiminarasimhan,: 1 d. Lecturer in philosophy, American College, Madura, 1933-1940; assistant professor, 1940-56, associate professor of philosophy, 1956-58, professor and chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Psychology, 1958 to present: Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Madras State, India. Sectional president, Indian Philosophical Congress, 1956; sectional chairman, Madras Psychology Conference, 1959; corresponding member, Society for Psychical Research, London.

Dr. Chari is author of "Philosophy in India" in the book La Philosophe au milieu du Vingtième Siècle (Philosophy in Mid-Century: A Survey; 1989), and of articles in such publications as Mind, Revue Internationale de Philosophie, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Indian Philosophical Quarterly and Journal of the Philosophical Assn. He is interested in research relating parpsychology to philosophy, mathematics, physics and other fields, including mysticism.

His articles in this field include "A Note on Precognition" (SPR Journal, Nov. - Dec. 1951); "The Mystical and the Paranormal" (American Society for Psychical Research Journal, 1954); "Quantum Physics and Parapsychology" (Journal of Parapsychology, Sept. 1956); "Parapsychology and Time" (Journal of Parapsychology, Mar. 1958); "Regression "Beyond Birth"? (Tomorrow, Autumn 1958); "Parapsychological Studies and Literature in India" (International Journal of Parapsychology, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1959). Residence and business address: Staff Bungalow 15, Madras Christian College Campus, Tambaram, Madras State, India.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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