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Editor, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, London. B. January 9, 1882, Liverpool England. B.D., 1906, London University, B.A., Victorian University. M. 1907, Florence Watson: 1 d. Lecturer in physics, Chi-lu University, Shantung, China, 1908-15; British vice-consul in charge of Chinese Emigration Bureau Center, North China, 1915-19; labor superintendent, Kailan Mining Administration, 1919-30. Awarded Chinese Order of the Bountiful Crop, 1919. Charter member, Parapsychological Assn.; member, Society for Psychical Research, 1910 to present; SPR Council, 1950 to present; editor, SPR publicaitions, 1958 to present. Mr. Fisk is translator of several English physics textbooks into Chinese, and author of a Chinese-English-French phrase book for the use of mining engineers.

Engaged in quantitative research in extrasensory perception for more than thirty years, Mr. Fist in 1958 received the McDougall Award jointly with Donald J. West (q.v.) for their paper "Psychokinetic Experiments with a Single Subject", published in the Parapsychology Newsletter (Nov.-Dec. 1957). He is also the autor of "How Primitive Is ESP?" (Spring 1957), and "We Card-Guessers (Winter 1957), both published in Tomorrow magazine; and of several articles written in collaboration with West and A.M.J. Mitchell (q.v.) in the SPR Journal and the Journal of Parapsychology. Residence: Appletree Cottage, 6 Ditton Grange Close, Ditton Hill, Surrey, England.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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