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Astronomer, author. B. February 26,, 1842, Montigny-le-Roi (Haute-Marne), France; d. June 3, 1925, Juvisy Observatory near Paris. M. 1874, Sylvie Pétiaux-Hugo Mathieu (d. 1919); m. 1919, Gabrielle Renaudot. Apprentice engraver, 1856-58; student astronomer, Paris Observatory, 1858-62; calculator, Bureau des Longitudes, 1862-76; astronomer, Paris Observatory, 1876-82; founder and director, Juvisy Observatory, 1882-1925. Founder monthly magazine L'Astronomie, 1882; founder, French Astronomical Society, 1887; commander, French Legion of Honor; member, Society of Psychical Research, London (president, 1923).

Mr. Flammarion, noted for his ballon ascents (1868-73) for the study of the upper atmosphere, and for his orginial research on double and multiple stars, the color of stars, and the topography fo the planet Mars, published a number of scientific works, of which the best known are Voyages en ballon (1870; 40th ed., 1890); L'Atmosphère (1871; English ed., 1873); Atronomie populaire (1880; English ed., 1907); Les Terres du Ciel (Lands of the Skies; 1877); La Planète Mars et ses conditions d'habitation (The Planet Mars and Its Conditions for Life; 1893).

Interested in all phases fo psychic research, Mr. Flammarion studied and conducted experiments with physical mediums, including Eusapia Palladino (q.v.). His books on parapsychological subjects include L'Inconnu et les problèmes psychiques (The Unknown and Psychic Problems; 1900); Les Forces naturelles inconnues (Death and Its Mystery; 3 vols., 1920-21-22; Eng. ed., 1923); Les Maisons hantées (Haunted Houses; 1923).

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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