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Author, lecturer. B. September 14, 1860, LaCrosse, Wisconsin; d. March 4, 1940, Hollywood, California. Educ. Cedar Valley Seminary, Iowa. Hon, LL.D, 1926, University of Wisconsin; 1937, University of California. M. 1899, Zulime Taft: 2 d. Member: American Academy of Arts and Letters, National Institute of Arts and Letters, American Society for Psychical Research.

After spending his boyhood and early youth at farming, Garland at the age 24 went to Boston to futher his sketchy formal education, and soon became well known as a critic and lecturer. His first book, Main-Travelled Roads (1891), a collection of grimly realistic stories of Middle Western farm life based on his own experiences, established his reputation as a writer. Garland took strong and frequently unpopular stands on the issues of his day crusading for the single tax, which he thought would relieve the bleak poverty of the farmer, and urging the right of women to work. He made his living by writing and produced a score of volumes, including novels, criticism and biography, but his literacy reputation rests largely on his short stories and his books Son of the Middle Border (1917) and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Daughter of the Middle Border (1921).

Garland's interest in psychic research was aroused soon after his arrival in Boston, where he became a member of the ASPR. He wrote articles on the subject for such magazines as Psychical Review, Everybody's McClure's, and the American, published two novels with psychical themes, and was an enthusiastic amateur investigator. In his books Forty Years of Psychic Research (1936) and The Mystery of the Buried Crosses (1939), he reported at length on his own experiments and investigations. See Hamlin Garland (1960) by Jean Holloway.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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