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Assistant professor, speech and drama. B. May 23, 1935, Neosho, Missouri. B. A., 1957, Tulane University; M. A., 1958, Northwestern University. Member: Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho, Parapsycholocial Ass., Speech Assn. of America, Western Speech Assn. Assistant professor, Department of Speech and Drama, Unversity of Nevada, 1960 to present.

Mr. Hastings has investigated for the Parapsychological Laboratory of Duke University so-called poltergeist phenomena in Guttenburg, Iowa (when he found the manifestations were due to natural causes, including human intervention). He is engaged in personal research on the effects of hypnosis on extrasensory scoring, studying guesses obtained in automatic writing elicited by suggestion under hypnosis.

He is co-author with Stanley Krippner (q.v.) of the articles "Poltergeist Phenomena and Expectancy Set" Northwestern Tri-Quaterly, Vol. 3, No. 3, Spring 1961), and "Expectancy Set and "Poltergeist" Phenomena" (in the magazine ETC., a review of gernal semantics and methodology, Vol. 18, No. 3, Oct. 1961). Residence: 250 Thoma Street, Reno, Nevada; business address: Department of Speech and Drama, Unversity of Nevada, Reno.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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