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Writer. B. March 25, 1877, Genoa, Italy (British subject). Ph.D., 1900, Univerity of Turin, Italy. M. 1902, Marie Buhler. Founder (1905), first Marine Biological Laboratory at University of Genoa; research in Germany on so-called "thinking animals, 1912-13; volunteer, Italian Army, 1915-18; lecturer, biological philosophy, University of Geneva, 1939-45; consultant on foreign scientific literature to Sansoni and Company, publishers, Florence, 1960 to present. President Second International Congress of Psychical Research, Warsaw, 1923; president, Italian Societ for Parapsychology, 1951-54, honorary president since 1954; president, Third National Congress on Parapsychology, University of Rome, 1956; honorary member: Intitut Métaphsychique, Pairs; Institut Français de Florence. Editor, Parapsicologica quarterly journal of parapsychology, 1955-56.

Dr. Mackenzie has speciallized in psychology, the study of parapsychology in living organisms. His investigations have included studies of the "thinking horses" at Elberfeld and the "thinking dog" at Mannheim, both in Germany, and of a so-called mathematical mediumship in Belgium. His books include Alle Fonti della Vita (At the Sources of Life; 1912; second ed., 1916); Nuove Rivelazioni della Psiche Animale (New Revelations of Animal Psyche; 1914); Significato Bio-Filosofico della Guerra (The Meaning of War from the Viewpoint of Biological Philosophy; 1915); Metapsichica Moderna (Modern Psychical Research; 1923). Dr. Mackenzie's articles on parapsychology have appeared in such publications as Psiche, Archives de Psychologie, Proceedings of the Italian Society for the Advancement of Science, Quaderni di Psichiatria, Journal of the American Society for Psychical Reearch, Revue Métapsychique, and the quarterly journal Uomini e Idee, in which his latest work, La Legge dell'Intelligenza (The Law of Intelligence), was published in January 1960. Residence: Via Maso Finiguerra 5, Florence, Italy.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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