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Physician. B. 1851, Keswick, Cumberand, England; d. January 10, 1984, London. Educ. Cheltenham School; Trinity College, Cambridge (1st class in classics, 1873; M.D., 1881). House physician, St. George's Hospital, London; fellow, Royal College of Physicians.

A brother of F.W.H. Myers (q.v.), A. T. Myers was a founding member with him of the Socity for Psychical Research, London. He served on the Society's Council from 1888 until his death. His professional duties during its early years, and failing health later on, prevented him from taking such an active part in the work of the SPR as his more famous brother, but he rendered much valuable aid to the organization, particularly in the investigation of cases of alleged paranormal healing and similar work that called for the specialized knowledge of a medical man. He made a particular study of hypnotism, and was chiefly responsible for gathering together the books and pamphlets which formed the Edmund Gurney Library, which was at the time the most comprehensive collection of works on hypnotism in the world.

Myers was an important participant in the striking series of experiments carried out in Le Havre in 1885-86 under the direction of the French neurologist Pierre Janet, in which a hypnotic subject was put into a trance by telepathy and then made to carry out complicated actions when separated from the hypnotist by a distance of two thirds of a mile. Myers also took part in a number of the sitings organized by the SPR with the American medium Mrs. Leonore Piper (q.v.).

His publications in the SPR Proceedings included: "Report on an Alleged Physical Phenomenon" (Vol. 3, Part 9, 1885); "Mind-Cure, Faith-Cure, and the Miracles of Lourds" (with F.W.H. Myers, Vol. 9, Part 24, 1893). He also contributed various papers to leading medical organs and notes to the SPR Journal.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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