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Philosopher, psychologist, psychic researcher. B. February 23, 1850, Radzyn, Poland; d. May 1, 1917, Warsaw. B. S., 1872, University of Warsaw; Ph.D., 1873, University of Leipzig. M. 1892, Maria Leszcynska. Honorary member, Society for Psychical Research, London; American Society for Psychical Research, and similar socieities in Germany and Hungary.

Dr. Ochorowicz lectured in the psychology and philosophy of the natural sciences at the University of Lwów, served for a time as director if the International Institute of Psychology in Paris, and helped to establish the Polish Psychological Institute in Warsaw. His work in psychology brought him many prizes, the first of which he received in 1868 in Warsaw when he was still a student for the paper "Methods of Psychological Investigation." In 1906 his book Methods in Ethics received first prize in a Warsaw competition for works of philosophy, and in 1912 he received a prize at the Paris Academy for two earlier publications, De la suggestion mentale (Paris, 1887; Amer. ed, Mental Suggestion, 1891), and Hypnotisme et Mesmerisme (1911). An instrument he developed, the thermo-microphone, won medals at exhibitions in Antwerp and Warsaw.

In 1881 Dr. Ochorowicz began a series of experiments with hypnotism and telepathy that were to continue for twelve years. Later he conducted extensive investigations of mediumship, including the phenomena of the physical medium Eusapia Palladino (q.v.). He was author of more than a hundred books, papers and articles in the fields of philosophy, psychology and psychical research. His best known works, besides those already mentioned, include Mediumistic Phenomena (1913); Psychology and Medicine (1916); Psychology, Pedagogics and Ethics (1917), and, for the periodical Annals des Sciences Psychiques, the articles "La question de la fraude dans les expériences méiumniques" ("The Question of Fraud in Mediumistic Experiments"; 1896) and "Un nouveau phénomène médiumnique" ("A New Mediumistic Phenomenon"; 1909).

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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