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Assistant professor, psychology. B. December 8, 1924, Chiba Prefecture, Honshu, Japan. B.A., 1949, University of Tokyo. M. 1958, Yoko Okamoto: 1 d., 1 s. Research fellow, National Institute of Education, Tokyo, 1951-52; instructor, Chiba University, Chiba-shi, 1952-56; lecturer in psychology, 1956-60, assistant professor, 1960 to present, Defense Academy, Yokosuka-shi. Charter associate, Parapsychological Assn.; councilor, Japan Psychic Science Assn., Tokyo.

Mr. Ontani, who is particularly interested in clairvoyance, conscious control of psi ability, and parapsychological theory, has conducted several investigations into the relation between the mental and psychological conditions of subjects and their ESP scores. His articles on parapsychology include, in the Journal of Psychical Research and Spiritualism: "A Survey of Public Opinion on Psychical Phenomena" (1951); "The Method of ESP Card Testing" (1951); "The Aim of Parapsychology" (1955); in the Journal of Parapsychology: "Relations of Mental Set and Change of Skin Resistance to ESP Scores" (Vol. 19, 1955); in the Journal of Department of Liberal Arts, Defense Academy: "Studies on the Influence of Mental and Physiological Conditions upon ESP Function" (1959). Residence: 244 Tadamachi-Jutaku, 5 Tadamachi, Nakano-ku, Tokyo; business address: Psychology Laboratory, Defense Academy, Obaradai, Yokosuka-shi, Japan.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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