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The Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary: 1964-1966, was first published in 1964 by the Helix Press imprint of Garrett Publications. Edited by Helene Pleasants, with the help of Contributing Editors Simeon Edmunds, Robert Tocquet, Sherman Yellen, and Helen Tono, and Associate Editors Laura Oteri and Beverly Thurman, the Biographical Dictionary stood as the only reference work of its kind in parapsychology for decades.

In keeping with the spirit of the original, the Parapsychology Foundation has inaugurated an on-line version of this dictionary. A selection of biographies included in the original print version will ultimately be presented here, along with the biographies of individuals who are currently involved in the field. This new on-line Biographical Dictionary will grow, we hope, over the next many years, into a primary resource for students, teachers, and the media, among others.

Biographical entries are listed alphabetically by last name. Click on the letter below to bring up the index of available names. (If a letter is not underlined, no names have been added to that section of the dictionary as yet.)

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