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Physician, psychologist, neurologist. B. December 21, 1854, Boston, Massachusettes; d. August 31, 1929, Boston. Attended Boston Latin School; B.A., 1875, Harvard; M.D., 1879, Harvard Medical School; studied in Vienna, Strasbourg, Paris, Nancy, where he was attracted by pioneer work of Jean Charcot, Pierre Janet and others in studies of hysteria and the uses of hypnosis. M. 1885, Fanny Lithgow Payson: 1 d., 1 s. Physician for diseases of nervous system, Boston Dispensary, 1882-86, Boston City Hospital, 1885-1913; instructor in neurology, Harvard Medical School, 1895-98; professor of neurology, Tufts Medical School, 1902-12, professor emeritus thereafter; associate professor, abnormal and dynamic psychology, Harvard University, 1926-28. Founder and editor (1906-29), Journal of Abnormal Psychology; president (1911), American Neurological Assn.; member Boston Society for Psychology and Neurology, and the American Psychopathological Assn., both of which he served as president; member, American Society for Psychical Research.

One of the foremost neurologists of his day, Dr. Prince lectured at the universities of California, London, Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh. His work in the field of mental dissociation won much attention, and his book The Dissocation of a Personality (1906), a case study of a patient whom he called "Sally Beauchamp," has become a classic in the literature of abnormal psychology. He was author of the books The Nature of Mind and Human Automatism (1885); The Unconscious (1913); The Psychology and the Kaiser (1915); Clinical and Experimental Studies in Personality (1929); and of more than 100 articles and monographs on medical, psychological, political and philosphical studies, including, for the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, "A Contribution to the Study of Hysteria" (Vol. 14, 1899), and "The Development and Genealogy of the Misses Beauchamp" (Vol. 15, 1900-01). See Morton Prince and Abnormal Psychology by W. S. Taylor (1928).

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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