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Director, mechanographic center, Department of Elections, Minister of the Interior, Italy, at his death, December 1, 1963, in Milan. B. June 3, 1894, Catania, Italy. Grad. University of Rome. M. 1943, Terzilla Siroli. Lecturer, statistics, University of Rome, 1936-63; staff member, Interior Ministry, 1951-63. Knight Commander, Order of Merit, Republic of Italy; general secretary, Italian Section, Carnegie Foundation for Heroism since 1914; co-founder (1937), general secretary, Società Italiana de Metapsichica; president, Società Italiana di Parapsicologia, 1959-63.

Professor Schepis was the author of several statistical and sociological papers published in Italian demographic and statistical journals. In the field of parapsychology, he was particularly interested in telepathy, in which he conducted mass experiments using radio and television; the study of the personality of sensitive subjects; and the statistical approach to parapsychological experiments.

His articles concerning parapsychological subjects include "La Esplorazione delle Percezioni Extra-sensoriali col Metodo Statistico" ("Exploring Extrasensory Perception by Statistical Methods"; in Notiziario di Metapsichica, Mar. 1939); "La Statistica e La Metapsichica" ("Statistics and Metapsychics"; preface to the book Nuove Frontiere della Mente, New Frontiers of the Mind; 1940); "La Ricerca Scientifica in Metapsichica" ("Scientific Research in Metapsychics"; chapter in the book Studi e Ricerche di Metapsichica, Metapsychical Research and Studies; 1942); "Un Nuovo Campo di Applicazione del Metodo Statistico: Lo Studio dell' effecto di ESP" ("A New Field for the Application of Statistical Methods: The Study of So-Called Extrasensory Perception;" Proceedings, Società Italiana di Demografia e Statistica, 1947); I "Poteri magici" e l'Uomo Normale" ("Magical Powers" and the Normal Man; in Ulisse, Oct. 1948); "Questioni di Metodo in Parapsicologia" ("Questions of Method in Parapsychology"; Rivista de Parapsicologia, Apr. - June 1955). His papers include "Carattere e finalità del Simposio" ("Character and Finality of the Symposium," in the Acts of the Symposium on Parapsychology held in Rome, November 1960); and "La Parapsicologia in Italia e la scienza ufficiale: Anno Zero" ("Parapsychology in Italy and Official Science: The Year Zero;" in the volume Studies and Problems of Parapsychology, 1961).

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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