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(Mrs. Robert Schmeidler), psychologist, professor; president (1959) Parapsychological Assn. B. June 15, 1912, Long Branch, New Jersey. B. A. (magna cum laude), 1932, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts; M.A., 1933, Clark University, Worcester; Ph.D., 1935, Radcliffe College, Cambridge. M. 1937, Robert Schmeidler: 2 d., 2 s. Statistical assistant, Foundation for Neuro-Endocrince Research, 1932-33; instructor, Monmouth College, Long Beach, N.J., 1935-37; research associate, Harvard University, 1942-44; research officer, American Society for Psychical Research, 1945-46; psychology department (instructor of professor), City College of New York, 1945 to present; consultant, Barnard College, 1949-55; research, Parapsychology Foundation, 1955-59. Member: American Psychological Assn., Eastern Psychological Assn., Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues, American Assn. for the Advancement of Science, Parapsychological Assn. (vice president, 1958, 1960; president, 1959).

Dr. Schmeidler is author and co-author of numerous articles in the field of psychology in such publications as the Journal of Experimental Psychology, the Journal of General Psychology, the American Journal of Psychology, Child Development, Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Social Psychology and Journal of Applied Psychology. In the field of parapsychology, she has specialized in quantitative experiments in clairvoyance and telepathy, testing hundreds of students and other subjects to determine the relation of objective interpersonal and personality factors to success and failure in extrasensory perception. Dr. Schmeidler is also particularly interested in hypotheses of survival.

With R. A. McConnell (q.v.), Dr. Schmeidler is co-author of the book ESP and Personality Patterns (1958). Some of her numerous articles on parapsychology include, in the Journal of the ASPR: "Separating the Sheep from the Goats" (1945)"; "Comparison of ESP Scores with Rorschach Scoresby by Different Workers" (1949); "The Spontaneity Factor in Extrasensory Perception" (with A. O. Ross and Gardner Murphy, q.v.; 1952); "A Note of the Need for Rigid Testing Conditions" (1955); "Agent-Percipient Relationships" (1958); "Are There Two Kinds of Telepathy?" (1961); "ESP and Tests of Perception" (1962); in the Journal of Parapsychology; "Personality Correlates of ESP as Shown by Rorschach Studies" (1949); "Rorschachs and ESP Scores of Patients Suffering from Cerebral Concussion" (1952); Picture-Frustration Ratings and ESP Scores" (1954); and "Personality Dynamics and Psychical Research" (Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 1954); "ESP in Relation to Rorschach Test Evaluation" (Parapsychology Monograph, Parapsychology Foundation, 1960); "Evidence for Two Kinds of Telepathy" (International Journal of Parapsychology, 1961); "Note on Precognition With and Without Knowledge of Results" (Psychological Reports, 1961). Residence: 17 Kent Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.; business address: Department of Psychology, City College of New York, Convent Avenue and 139th St., New York 31, N.Y.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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