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Director, Parapsychology Institute of the State University of Utrecht, Netherlands; writer. B. January 18, 1894, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Ph.D. (psychology), 1933, University of Utrecht (first doctoral thesis in the Netherlands on parapsychology, title: Clairvoyance and Empathy). M. 1926, Johanna Jacoba Hemmes. Lecturer, psychology, 1932-53, lecturer, parapsychology, 1933-53, professor, parapsychology, and director Parapsychology Institute, University of Utrecht, 1953 to present.

Founder, 1928, editor, 1928 to present, Tijdschrift voor Parapsychologie, journal of the Dutch Society for Psychical Research; secretary, 1929-1938, adviser, 1945 to present, Dutch SPR; corresponding member, Society for Psychical Research, London, 1936 to present; member: Dutch Society of Psychologists, Royal Dutch Society for Literature, Utrecht Provincial Assn. for Arts and Sciences.

Since the age of seventeen, Dr. Tenhaeff has been interested in the whole field of parapsychology. He has investigated and reported on spontaneous cases of psychometry, clairvoyance, precognition, unorthodox healing; and on the use of the divining rod, and the structure of personality. Since the founding of the Parapsychology Institute at Utrecht University, he has specialized in the study of the personality structure of sensitives. His lectures on parapsychology have taken him to Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, and, before World War II, to Czechoslovakia and Hungary. His articles have appeared in Tijdschrift voor Parapsychologie, Tomorrow magazine, and other journals devoted to psychical research.

Dr. Tenhaeff's books include Beknopte Handleiding der "Psychical Research" (Brief Textbook of Parapsychology; 3 vol.; 1926); Het Spiritisme (Spiritism in the Light of Parapsychology; 1936, 1951; third ed. in preparation); Oorlogsvoorspellingen (Previsions Concerning World War II; 1948); Parapsychologische Verschijnselen en Beschouwingen (Parapsychological Phenomena and Speculations; 1949); Het Wichelroedevraagstuk (The Divining Rod; 1950); Magnetiseurs, Somnambules en Gebedsgenezers (Hypnotists, Somnambulists and Healers by Prayer; 1951; German translation, Aussergewöhnliche Heilkräfte, 1957); Inleiding tot de Parapsychologie (Introduction to Parapsychology; 1952; second edition in preparation); Beschouwingen over Het Gebruik van Paragnosten (The Use of Sensitives for Police and Other Purposes; 1957); Telepathie en Helderziendheid (Telepathy and Clairvoyance; 1958; German translation, 1962); De Voorschouw (Precognition; 1961). Residence: Admiraal van Gentstraat 53 bis, Utrecht, Netherlands; business address: Parapsychological Institute, State University of Utrecht, Springweg 5, Utrecht.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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