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Geophysicist; director, Bioclimatological Research Center, Leiden, Netherlands. B. March 9, 1909, Djakarta, Indonesia (Batavia, Dutch east Indies). Ph.D. (geology), 1932, University of Leiden. M. 1934, Maria de Blauw. Military service, 1932-33; field geologist, Royal Dutch Shell and Socony oil companies, Indonesia and Egypt, 1933-40; adviser on oil exploration to Turkish Government, 1940-43; director, economic warfare, Netherlands Army (Australia and Indonesia), 1943-45; physiological research, Netherlands, 1946; professor of geology, Fuad University, Cairo, 1947-50; geologial consultant, United Nations Technical Assistance Program, Near East, Afghanistan, Central America, 1950-54; geological consultant, Government of Afghanistan, 1954-56; director, Bioclimatological Research Center, Liden, 1955 to present. Secretary-general, International Society of Biometeorlogy; secretary, Netherlands Society of Medical Geography and Comparative Pathology.

Dr. Tromp is the author of four books and numerous articles on geology, and several articles and two books on medical subjects, as well as six monographs published by he Bioclimatology Research Center. He has specialized in the study of dowsing, or water divining, included research into the relationship between dowsing zones and zones of geophysical disturbance; and the physiological changes in dowsers during experimentation.

His publications in the field of parapsychology include Psychical Physics (1949); Dowsing and Science (1950); Fundamental Priniciples of Psychical Physics (1952); and the articles (in the Dutch Journal of Parapsychology), "First Report on Experiments Concerning the Influence of Variations in the Strength of the Magnetic Field on Muscular Contraction" (Jan. 1947), and the "Problem of the Possible Influence of Dowsing Zones on the Health of Men" (Nov. 1948). Residence and business address: Hofbrouckrlaan 54, Oegstgeest (Leiden), The Netherlands.

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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