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Businessman; agriculturist; author. B. September 25, 1871, Aarhus, Denmark; d. February 1, 1956, Rome, Italy. Educ. Denmark, Germany, France, England and Switzerland. M. 1899, Ingeborg Jensen (d. 1945); 2 d.; m. 1950, Anne-Marie Klotz. President, Danish Society for Biodynamic Farming, board member, Danish Society for Psychical Research; corresponding member, Society for Psychical Research, London; honorary member, Greek Society for Psychical Research.

Mr. Vett, director of textile manufacturing companies in Demark, Sweden, Norway and Finland for twenty years, later interested himself in biodynamics as applied to agriculture and introduced its methods in Denmark. During World War I he served as a diplomatic courier and later as cultural adviser to the Danish Ministry of Education on acquisitions for the Royal Library and Danish museums. He traveled widely in the Near East, India, Africa and South America, and was author of the books Dervish Diary (German ed., 1931; Danish ed., 1953; English ed., 1954); and Gandhi and the Indian Revolution; and of a series of pamphlets, in Danish, entitled The Poisoning of Our Soil (1940-55).

It was during his years as a courier for neutral Denmark that Mr. Vett, long interested in psychic research and a supporter of its acceptance as a serious scientific study, discovered that important work in this field was going forward in countries on both sides of World War I. Largely as a result of his determined organizational efforts, the pioneering First International Congress on Psychic Research was held in Copenhagen in 1921, bringing together researchers from some 15 counries, including England, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, India and the United Statts. Papers were presented for the first time outside their own countries by such investigators as Mmm. Juliette Bisson, Dr. Gustave Geley and Renè Sudre (qq.v.) of France; Mrs. W. H. Salter and the Rev. C. Drayton Thomas (qq.v.) of the United States; Baron Albert von Schrenck-Notzing (q.v.) of Germany, and many others.

A permanent committee for the organization of future international congresses was elected, with Mr. Vett as general secretary, and subsequent meetings were held at Warsaw in 1923, at Paris in 1927, at Athens in 1930, and at Oslo in 1935. At the first International Conference of Parapsychological Studies held in 1953 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, tribute was paid to Mr. Vett for his early contributions in establishing a pattern for the exchange of information by parapsychologists all over the world. Mr. Vett spent his last years in Mexico and the United States, writing and lecturing, with occasional visits to Europe. See Mermoris of Psychic Research by Carl Vett (Tomorrow magaizne, Vol. 3, No. 4, Summer 1955).

Taken from Helene Pleasants (1964) Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology with Directory and Glossary 1946-1996 NY: Garrett Publications



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