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Utrecht II
October 16th to 18th, 2008

A Post-Conference Appreciation

Lisette Coly
Executive Director, Parapsychology Foundation

The Board of Trustees of Parapsychology Foundation as well as PF’s President, Eileen Coly and myself thank the HJBF Foundation and its President Dr. H. S. Verbrugh and his staff for making PF’s long-held dream of a return to Utrecht a reality with the lasting legacy intact of the “spirit of Utrecht” alive and thriving within the field of parapsychology.

My fellow Utrecht II Board Member Drs. Wim Kramer worked tirelessly to help convene and greet conference participants in a warm and welcoming atmosphere which did much to help foster our sucessful deliberations. The Utrecht II conference staff consisting of Annemarie Visser and Emel Sebuktekin were a delight and a reliable source for the resolution of any difficulties.

Utrecht II’s Conference Bureau consisting of Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado and Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone were of inestimable value in both the conceptualization, formation and execution of the conference charged with all conference correspondance and management of the overwhelming numbers of potential observers all clamoring to attend the conference. Their posting of all conference information within the PF’s Lyceum website along with the post conference photo gallery and blog has added immeasurably to the continuation of the lasting Utrecht II legacy which seeks to continue to support the parapsychological community worldwide. Artist and PF’s film archivist Susan MacWilliam with great dedication recorded the conference for researchers and future students of the subject who were unable to join in our in house efforts.

Attempting to reconvene another Utrecht conference similar in structure and scope to the groundbreaking meeting of 1953 yet within the constructs of our modern day was made much easier with the expertise and good counsel of Utrecht II’s Advisory Committee Dipl. Psych. Eberhard Bauer, Dr. Etzel Cardeña, Prof. Dr. Hans Gerding, Gerd Hövelmann, and Dr. Roger Nelson. Along with Conference Moderator Dr. Chris Roe who kept us so marvelously on track, on point and on time, Utrecht II was truly a collective effort with all in attendance working to make the most of what happily came to not only be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but an opportunity which, happily for parapsychology, illustrates that indeed lightening can strike twice. Utrecht II was indeed a magnificent “second chance” to gather once again and reinvigorate and rededicate ourselves to the search for answers raised by psychic functioning.

The Parapsychologisch Instituut led by Prof. Dr. Hans Gerding deserves Utrecht II’s gratitude for opening their doors with great Dutch hospitality for our conference registration as well as hosting the PF farewell reception at the close of the conference.

Utrecht II’s participants and invited speakers gave of their knowledge, experience and insight traveling distances and juggling busy schedules to share and communicate their understanding of the phenomena and its workings to colleagues present and those who will benefit from the soon to be published proceedings. We owe them a debt of gratitude. It is gratifying to also without fail acknowledge with thanks as well Utrecht II’s many observers who, without benefit of financial assistance, realized the potential inherent in Utrecht II and made many sacrifices to join also in Utrecht II’s attempt to chart parapsychology’s future.

Mrs. Coly and I, thanks to our somewhat unique vantage point within PF’s administration of our programs spanning, to date, 57 years since Garrett and Bolton founded the organization in December of 1951, are elated and feel privileged to have met with so many of our long-time colleagues, new researchers and eager students. For all your efforts you have our compliments and thanks along with our very best wishes for your continued in-depth research.

Lisette Coly
Executive Director
Parapsychology Foundation



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