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Christian Gaden JensenChristian Gaden Jensen is a post-graduate student at the University of Copenhagen and the 2007 recipient of Robert R. Coly Prize. Mr. Jensen completed studies in rhetoric, and later psychology at the University of Copenhagen before becoming a post-graduate student in psychology. Currently he combines his studies with work as a paid research assistant in the Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology at Lund University where he is involved in a number of research projects. Among these are “Pathways, abnormal experiences and techniques of psychic practitioners in Denmark" in collaboration with Prof. Etzel Cardeña, and “Alleged medium tested in a double blind, long distance experiment” in collaboration with Lund University post-graduate student Devin Terhune and Dr. Cardeña.

In addition to having completed a variety of published and in press articles, Jensen is the edtior-in-chief of Copenhagen University’s Institute of Psychology’s Student Magazine, Indput, as well as the executive coordinating editor to Drs. Stanley Krippner and Harris Friedman on the up-coming anthology, Mysterious Minds: The Neurobiology of Psychics, Mediums, Shamans and Other Extraordinary People, to be published by Greenwood/Praeger.

To read Mr. Jensen’s Coly Prize essay click here.



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