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The End of Materialism
Charles T. Tart

Table of Contents

Forward by Huston Smith & Kendra Smith



Chapter 1: Spiritual Seeking in a World that Thinks It's All Nonsense

Chapter 2: How do we Know the Spiritual is Real?

Chapter 3: Ways of Not Knowing: Distortions of Science and Intelligence

Chapter 4: Starting from the Natural World: A Psychic Coup d'état?

Chapter 5: Extended Aspects of Mind: The Big Five

Chapter 6: Telepathy

Chapter 7: Clairvoyance, or Remote Viewing

Chapter 8: Precognition

Chapter 9: Psychokinesis

Chapter 10: Psychic Healing: PK on Biological Systems?

Chapter 11: Postcognition and Extended Aspects of Mind: The Many Maybes

Chapter 12: Out-of-the-Body Experiences

Chapter 13: Near Death Experiences

Chapter 14: Postmortem Survival: After Death Communications

Chapter 15: Mediumship: Experimental Approach to Postmortem Survival

Chapter 16: Reincarnation

Chapter 17: So What Have We Learned?

Chapter 18: If I Believed the Western Creed

Chapter 19: Bringing It All Back Home: Personal Reflections

Chapter 20: Returning to Mystical Experience

Appendix 1: Recommended Reading in Parapsychology

Appendix 2: On-Line Sources of Scientific Information About Parapsychology

Appendix 3: The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendent Experiences (TASTE)

Appendix 4: Transpersonal Psychology





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