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Areas of Research in Parapsychology

The main area of parapsychology is the attempts to understand the experiences people have both in real life and in the laboratory. These research efforts follow different disciplines in that, depending on your orientation, you ask questions from psychological, physical, biological anthropological, medical and other perspectives.

Another area is the study of phenomena such as mediumistic communications, apparitions and reincarnation-type cases, which suggest to some the idea of survival of bodily death. This interest has a long history in parapsychology and has influenced the field in many important ways. Click here for articles and other online discussions about survival after death.

Another area is the study of phenomena related to animals, a specialty that has never received too much attention compared to the above mentioned ones. This has become better known in recent times thanks to the work of Rupert Sheldrake. (To find papers by Sheldrake, click here.)



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