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The professional association of parapsychologists, the Parapsychological Association (PA), was founded in 1957 at the suggestion of Dr. J. B. Rhine. The PA includes many workers representing different disciplines from around the world. However, the PA is a small association, with less than 250 members, of whom probably less than 30% are active in the field. Of course, not every worker in the field belongs to the association.

The PA holds an annual convention every year so that its members (and non-members as well) can present research and discuss other matters of interest to the profession. These have taken place since the late 1950s. (Click here for a list of PA conventions with the dates, location, President, Program Chair and banquet speaker listed.)

An overview of the 2001 convention appears in the PF website by clicking here.

For abstracts and some full papers presented at the 1994, 1998, 2002, and 2005 conventions click on the following links: PA Convention Proceedings and PA Abstracts 2005.

While the majority of the research presented at the conventions is experimental, the PA membership includes many individuals interested in non-experimental approaches as well. The Association also brings together a variety of opinions about the subject matter of the field. As stated in the PA’s website:
The diversity found within PA membership ... leads to many different ‘schools of thought’ regarding the phenomena studied -- ranging from those who suspect that psi will eventually turn out to be an artifact of no major significance, to those who believe it will be accounted for through new developments in physics or biology, to those who argue that psi phenomena suggest a basis for spiritual beliefs.
(To read the Mission Statement of the PA, click here.)



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