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General Survey of the Spiritualism Movement by Frank Podmore

Works and pamphlets by Frank Podmore

Aspects of American Spiritualism

American Spiritualism

Perspectives on Anglo-American Spiritualism

Allan Kardec

Online books

Bibliography on Spiritism in Brazil and Latin America

Nineteenth Century Mediums

Andrew Jackson Davis

Fox Sisters

D. D. Home

Emma Hardinge

Cora L. V. Richmond

Florence Cook

Davenport Brothers

William Stainton Moses

William Eglinton

Elizabeth d’Esperance (Elizabeth Hope)

Eusapia Palladino

Hélène Smith (Catherine Elise Muller)

Mediumistic Fraud and Skepticism

Seybert Commission

Confession of Margaret Fox

Spiritualist Fraud

Joe Nickell
Abraham Lincoln: An Instance of Alleged ‘Spirit Writing’

Spirit Painting by Joe Nickell

Skeptical Perspectives of Mediumistic Phenomena



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