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The First PF Lyceum Forum in the Series “Investigating the Paranormal” was held on Saturday, June 29th, 2002 at the Metropolitan Hotel in New York City. The Forum celebrated the launch of Tony Cornell’s latest book, Investigating the Paranormal, a 424-page review of his 55 years as an investigator of ghosts, hauntings and mediums in the UK and the US. Joining Mr. Cornell was Dr. Hans Holzer, author of many books on hauntings and ghosts, and Loyd Auerbach, an American field investigator and magician.

The event took place on the Penthouse Level of the Metropolitan Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Mr. Cornell signed copies of his book which launched officially on June 29th. To order the forum video click on “Investigating the Paranormal Forum Video”. To order Mr. Cornell’s book To order go to the “Ordering Helix Books” page in the Parapsychology Foundation’s website and download an order form, call 212-628-1550, fax 212-628-1559 with your credit card details, or email for more information.



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